This is your future 

your future is as bright as you want it to be realize you get back exactly what you put out if you say I’m sick then you are if you say I’m well regardless of how you feel at the moment you become well so stop beating the drum of not enoughness and shift it to over flow appreciate what you do have even if it’s very little it is my promise it will double and keep growing don’t tell your pain stories tell your gain stories see every problem as a opertunity to learn or to grow in every argument or confrontation step back see why the person feels that way send them love and move along each day you wake up be great full  and all through day you will have more to be great full for ask yourself as you look in your closet do I really need all this when there are people who don’t have any thing then give some of it away and watch what comes back the more you give the more you receive its a paradox be patient and kind in traffic your exactly where your supposed to be think of how God had to go through the effort of placing all those cars on the road at the same time just to keep you from dying in a auto crash when you want something close your eyes and feel what it’s like to have that thing then it shows up once believe it then you’ll see it Sam hunt told me in a interview last fall I stressed and fought for 4 years to get my music heard then I said I can’t do it anymore and let go and that’s when his career took off let go surrender let go lets do it lets make life amazing 

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